Guitar Tuition

Acoustic guitar

covers a vast range of different styles which I encourage students to try. Over time these can be inter-woven to help you develop your own unique playing style. Lets delve into some of the following:-

  • Instrumental
  • Folk
  • Bluegrass flatpicking
  • Ragtime 
  • Song accompaniment

The majority of acoustic guitar styles are played on steel strung guitars. The steel strings provide a brightness and volume that enables accompaniment to your own singing, playing instrumentals or performing with a band.  Beginners may find steel strings a bit tough on the fingers so a nylon strung guitar will be a good alternative

  • Music reading skills are not essential for acoustic guitar playing as much of the music can be documented using TAB or with chord diagrams. An understanding of music theory is often useful however and I like to introduce this as and when appropriate
  • Complete beginners can look forward to quickly learning 2 chord songs while more advanced players can be challenged with ragtime and other instrumental pieces, alternative chord voicings and substitutions
  • I also help by providing
    •  Support for exam entry (RGT and Rockschool)
    • Audio recording to help with performance feedback and analysis
    • Playing alongside other instruments

Classical guitar

With music available from the 16th century you will never be short of new music to explore. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player there will always be music to both accommodate and challenge you.

For complete beginners I can help you to read music in a fun, enjoyable way and playing duets together.

Those of you who really want to test yourselves can can work towards entry for ABRSM or RGT exams


Please get in touch with any queries.

Yes you can.  Steel string guitars are built more strongly than nylon (classical) strung guitars so then can easily manage nylon strings. You may find that tone isn’t great, because the lighter strings have less effect on the guitar body. Also, if you intend learning the classical guitar style, you may find the steel string guitar neck too narrow. Classical guitars have wider fingerboards.

No, please don’t do this.  A nylon sting guitar isn’t designed for the extreme forces that steel strings exert and is likely to warp and break over time.

Yes, I am happy for you to request songs and I will TAB them out for you if I haven’t got a copy. There are some songs I teach because they have a specific learning objective and help to develop technique. Song requests may be written as fairly authentic covers, or more simplified versions if you are just starting out.

While scales and theory are an important aspect of playing classical guitar, exam boards realised this put off a lot of people from taking exams. Consequently some exam boards now provide a performance only exam all the way to Grade 8.